iPASOLINK-series is a new line of digital microwave product that allows the seamless shift to next-generation mobile backhaul. These are access radio products that can be used for mobile backhaul, aggregation node and IP network for metro area. Flexible platform allows seamless shift from 2G to 3G and LTE/WiMAX with various system requirements such as high transmission capacity, IP architecture, etc.

The main features of iPASOLINK series are as follows:

  • Two or more networks such as 2G/3G/LTE/WiMAX can be supported at the same time.
  • Full packet transmission with L2 switch function with VLAN/ QoS. (Native IP)
  • TDM (E1 ad STM-1) with cross connection switches. (Native TDM)
  • Hitless Adaptive Modulation Radio (AMR)
  • End-to-End Pseudo Wire Emulation (PWE3)
  • Various synchronization method such as Synchronous Ethernet, TDM, etc.

Telecommunications service providers can now support migration plan for their network with minimal impact on CAPEX and OPEX since there is no need to replace equipment on their mobile network.
Expanded support for Mobile backhaul applications.
iPASOLINK-series provides advanced nodal function on the microwave radio links that includes support for Ethernet ring and TDM ring networks. Aside from access network application, this series also supports end-to-end mobile backhaul including aggregation and metro area applications. AMR (Adaptive Modulation Radio) and XPIC (Cross Polarize Interference Canceller) functions are also available.

Reliable network design and implementation Ethernet OAM functions are supported to ensure reliable data transmission. Radio protection switching and Ethernet protection functions makes it possible to realize end-to-end high-reliability high-speed network.


Design concept

  • IP Radio (Native IP and Native TDM Hybrid system)

Key Specifications

  • Hitless Adaptive modulation
  • High functionality L2 switch
  • TDM interface : STM-1,E1 with cross connect function
  • Flexible clock synchronization
  • Pseudo wire emulation
  • Ethernet ring and TDM ring, dual ring network

Technical Merits

  • Nodal radio solution
  • Ring protection architecture available
  • High transmission efficiency
  • Advanced VLAN/ QoS implementation

Operation Merits

  • Flexible network configuration
  • Reduce the network components
  • Good maintenability with advanced EMS (MS5000 and PNMSj (PASOLINK Network Management System Java Version))
  • Saving CAPEX and OPEX

Flexible Radio Network Design

  • Flexible configuration (1+0, N+0, 1+1 HS/SD/FD)
    Easy changeable and upgradable as per user needs
  • iPASOLINK 100 1+0


  • iPASOLINK 200 1+0/2+0
    1+1 (HS/SD/FD), CCDP (1+0)


  • iPASOLINK 400 1+0 to 4+0/ 1+1 (HS/SD/FD), CCDP (1+0/1+1)


  • iPASOLINK 1000 1+0 to 12+0
    1+1 to 6 x (1+1) (HS/SD/FD),
    CCDP (1+0/1+1)


  • Bandwidth and modulation range selectable by software :
    • 7 to 56MHz
    • QPSK up to 256 QAM


  • 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28, 32, 38, and 42 GHz

Radio bandwidth:

  • 7/ 14/ 28/ 56 MHz

Co-channel Operation:

  • 7/ 14/ 28/ 56 MHz with Adaptive modulation