PASOLINK NEO/a is a smart, new solution for the evolving market toward triple play and all-IP networks in all segments. Its advanced design provides reliable digital access links that fully exploit the potential of end-to-end advanced networks. The system meets increasing demand for digital transmission services satisfying the needs for common carrier access links, private links, urban area networks, rural area networks, temporary networks or emergency links for voice and data transmissions. The field-proven PASOLINK equipment offers very high performance reliability, high system flexibility, and easy installation. The PASOLINK NEO/a system provides several interface types of PDH, SDH and LAN with transmission signal of 5 to 48 x E1, 63 x E1, STM-1, 10/100 Base-T and GbE per rack. Resembling the PASOLINK series, this system consists of antennas, outdoor unit (ODU) and indoor unit (IDU). Each radio channel is connected through a coaxial cable. Available configurations are non-protected type (1+0), protected type (1+1) and one- to six-way Digital Cross Connect. The protected type is available as twin-path type or hot-standby type.


Design concept

  • Six-way in one box IDU
  • SDH and PDH combined operation

Key specifications

  • Frequency bands: 6 to 52 GHz
  • Radio Transmission Capacities:
    • 5 to 48x2 Mbps (for PDH Mapping)
    • 63x2 Mbps (for SDH Mapping)
    • 155 Mbps
    • 2x155 Mbps
  • DXC function:
    • 1008E1x1008E1 matrix switch capability
    • CS (hardware) redundant availability
  • Modulation: QPSK/16/32/128 QAM


  • Up to six-way nodal expansion
  • Software selectable modulation
    From QPSK up to 128 QAM
  • XPIC system in a single box
  • Flexible configuration
    (1+0, 1+1, HS/SD/FD)
  • Flexible configuration for any type of network topology Repeater, Tree and Star, etc.
  • MODEM and ODU resemble PASOLINK NEO series

Technical Merits

  • Nodal radio solution
  • DXC function is a practical application for nodal network station with complex wiring
  • More flexible and efficient expansion Smart, new DXC function facilitates network capacity solution
  • Supports ADM function
  • VLAN implementation
  • MSP for SDH optical interface

Operational merits

  • Superior reliability
  • Easy network configuration
  • Full front access
  • CAPEX and OPEX reduction
    Easy remote route connection setting and operation from distant sites


  • U6, L6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28, 32, 38, 52 GHz