Status Monitor and Control

Image captureMain Display for PASOLINK NEO

The PNMTj software can be connected to any PASOLINK, PASOLINK+, or
PASOLINK NEO Series from any location on the network.
PNMTj monitors and controls the selected network elements, together with its opposite side of the link in a fashion similar to that in the PNMSj.

Remote Control

The PNMTj provides remote control of various links related parameters such as transmission power and frequency allocation.

Event Logging

Image captureEvent Log window

Events stored in the IDU can be uploaded, and saved in the PNMTj. Up to 300 event logs are displayed.

Performance Monitoring

Image capturePerformance Monitor window

The PNMTj displays the performance data stored in the network elements at both ends of the selected link. Two types of data files are displayed, one is a 15-minute data file of the past 15 minutes and the other is a daily data file of the past 7 days.


Users are registered by means of a login name and password.
Five levels of user privileges are defined.