Engineering and Customer Support

NEC stands for no concessions. We are continuously upgrading the capabilities of existing systems to their absolute peak of efficiency. Our management philosophy is more of being proactive to innovation, which ensures that the right idea is implemented at the right time.

Not only that, in order to satisfy and comply with the needs of each customer, NEC's commitment in a project includes everything from planning to implementation down to complete customer support such as testing, training, operation and maintenance.

Everything just doesn't end there! We don't wash our hands off the project after the hardware has been installed, and we follow through with comprehensive hands-on services. This on-going support assures the customer of a better service and a stable system.

Years of experience as a world leader in communications means that NEC offers the finest designs for new systems, as well as logistics support for the existing systems. Whatever your needs are, you can count on NEC's worldwide reputation for reliable and proactive customer service.

System Design Consultation

  • Detailed assessment of customer's requirement
  • Design proposal with the customer including future expansion plan
  • Link analysis or path profiling and system availability with calculation
  • NMS design

Site Survey

  • Evaluation of site location plan considering the line of site of microwave path
  • RF interference analysis
  • Antenna height and location
  • Local regulation review
  • Consultation of frequency coordination

Factory Testing

  • Quality inspection test ensuring customer's requirements


  • Delivery to customer-specified places implementing powerful and safe logistics support

Civil Works

  • Site construction including access road, tower erection, etc. by highly qualified local contractors.

Installation and Testing

  • Equipment installation and testing by highly qualified engineers


  • Ensures excellent performance
  • Meets design specification

Maintenance Support

  • e-Help desk
  • Regional and local support centers


  • On-site and class room training to impart the knowledge to customer's staff enabling them to be efficient in operating the equipment.
  • Covers equipment and system operation as well as guide to troubleshooting and maintenance

Professional Support

  • Network Enhancement / Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring / Analysis
  • DCN Design