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NEC @ Mobile World Congress 2012

LTE solutions

NEC's Cloud Solution


MS5000 enables seamless management of all NEC optical transport products including a submarine cable transmission product to provide a single NEC transport solution.

Node Map View

Node Map View


  • Unified path management
  • GMPLS path management
  • Auto discovery
  • Path upload
  • Thin client


Unified management

  • Integrated management of NEC's optical, radio and layer-2 NEs
  • Seamless path management over multi-layer networks such as optical/L1/L2
  • Manages existing NEC EMS/NMSs through northbound interface of INC-100MS, PNMSj and other EMS

Efficient path design

  • Shortest and most appropriate "A to Z" path through multi-layer network
  • "GMPLS path" management in cooperation with C-plane

Scalability and flexibility

  • Scalability corresponding to NW service and investment
  • Software plug-in architecture
  • Open source operating system/middleware